LHS Alumni Association News

We’re mailing out a letter to all of our alumni who have previously registered their addresses with us. Here’s the content of the letter:

Alumni Homecoming Reunion

Friday, October 3, 2014

Our annual alumni gathering is quickly approaching! This year’s event will include the following activities and we hope to see you there:

4-7:00 pm        Alumni reunion in the Lee Gym

5:30 pm           Homecoming Parade (Havana to Burton to Godfrey)

7:00 pm           Homecoming Game vs. Tri-Unity Christian

We’ll have our usual yearbook and memorabilia displayed during the reunion and a light luncheon will be available. Donations are encouraged to support this annual event. Not all of our alumni are on our mailing list and we’ve lost touch with hundreds of Rebels over the years. If you have contact with any of your former classmates, please pass the word and encourage them to return back to good ol’ Lee High School on October 3.

Historical Publication We are hard at work compiling a more detailed history of our district and the Galewood-Urbandale-Burlingame community. Our plan is to publish this extensive historical account in 2016 and are asking that if you have photos, scrapbooks, or are willing to send us your written memories of growing up here, we’d love to have your participation. Contact David Britten at dbritten@godfrey-lee.org or (616) 241-4722.

Godfrey-Lee Education Foundation We are working hard to build our Foundation’s assets so that we can award more student scholarships and mini-grants to teachers for classroom learning activities. We encourage you to consider donating to your alma mater through the Foundation and if you are interested, we’re always looking for additional alumni to serve as volunteers on our Board.

Your donation can be made simply by sending a check or money order written out to “Godfrey-Lee Education Foundation,” and mailing or dropping it off at the Administration Office. The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and all donations are tax-deductible. You can get more information about the Foundation including participation on our board by calling me (616-241-4722 ext. 5320) or sending an email to dbritten@godfrey-lee.org.

We’re Online! You can keep up with the news or reminisce about old times simply by following our presence on the Internet in a number of ways:

District Websitewww.godfrey-lee.org



Did you know?

Foundation 2

The basic funding for our core education programs and operations has gone down since 2010 and hasn’t kept up with inflation since Proposal A was enacted.


Our student enrollments have increased significantly over the past two decades straining both resources and space as we strive to serve the needs of a high poverty, transiency, and limited English proficient student body.

About David Britten

Retired U.S. Army Officer, former elementary, middle and high school principal, currently serving as a public school superintendent.
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One Response to LHS Alumni Association News

  1. Ross Kladder says:

    Class of 1965. My mother also graduated from Lee. Clara Tangenberg class of 1931 I believe

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