Reminder to Registered Voters Who Reside within the Godfrey-Lee District

If you reside within the Godfrey-Lee district boundaries and are a registered voter, Tuesday, November 4 is a very important day. On that day, registered voters across Michigan and the United States will be taking part in the state general election.

On the ballot will be a very important item related to funding for Godfrey-Lee Public Schools. It is the renewal of the statutory operating millage rate of 18 mills levied on all property except principal residence and any qualified agricultural property. It is required for our school district to receive its per pupil foundation allowance. The foundation allowance is the primary school funding provided by the State of Michigan to fund all of the district’s core academic programs and basic operations. This millage is not part of the homeowner’s property taxes on the principal residence within the district where you reside.

The proposal is for a ten (10) year period (2016 to 2025) and in addition, includes the renewal of the 1.5 mill enhancement that will ensure the district is able to levy the full 18 mills should the millage be impacted by the Headlee Amendment. If the proposal is not approved by the voters, the estimated loss of revenue in 2016 will be approximately $810,000.

Besides this very important funding renewal issue, you will be asked to elect three (3) members to our Board of Education for six-year terms. There are six (6) candidates on the ballot listed in the following order: David A. Blok, Josephine Coleman, Reta Hendriksen, Tammy Schafer, John E. Ter Beek and Robert L. Baker, Jr. The candidates elected will take their seats on the Board at the January 12, 2015 regular meeting.

We hope you will exercise your civic responsibility and head to the polls on November 4. If you have general questions regarding the election, you can go online to or call the City Clerk’s office at (616) 530-7296. If you have questions about the renewal millage proposal or Board of Education election, please don’t hesitate to call my office at (616) 241-4722.

About David Britten

Retired U.S. Army Officer, former elementary, middle and high school principal, currently serving as a public school superintendent.
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