Graduation rates continue to climb

The State of Michigan has released the graduation rates as of 2014 and overall, the statewide rate for on-time graduation continues to improve.

In our district, Lee High School is to be commended as it’s already excellent, on-time graduation rate has continued to climb the past five years to an all-time high of 95.29%, while the dropout rate has dropped to just 2.35%.  Lee’s graduation rate for 2014 ranks the school 8th in Kent County for the highest graduation rate, out of 52 traditional, charter and alternative high schools. Lee is ranked 11th out of Kent and Ottawa Counties combined.


East Lee Campus, our quality alternative high school that provides a last chance for students who have fallen behind to earn a diploma and gain valuable work skills, has doubled its on-time graduation rate since 2009-10, reaching an all-time high of 60.47%.


Our staff, students and parents are to be commended for these results and continuing improvement efforts focused on student learning. Godfrey-Lee’s enrollment has grown by 68% in the past 20 years with a substantial portion of students attending under schools-of-choice. It’s clear based on the graduation rates and other achievement growth factors that we are a “destination district” for students and their parents.

To demonstrate how well district-based, traditional high schools are doing compared with charter high schools in Kent County, the average four-year graduation rate in 2014 for the 24 traditional high schools was 88.1% (median was 92.4%) and for the 13 charter high schools was 54.2% (median 60.7%).

This data and more is available at

Also see’s slide show on the Top 20 graduation rates in Kent and Ottawa counties.


About David Britten

Retired U.S. Army Officer, former elementary, middle and high school principal, currently serving as a public school superintendent.
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