2016-17 School District Calendar

We are in the final stages of approving a calendar for the coming school year but since many of you are trying to make plans, I wanted to share some of the key dates and events with you at this time. A suitable one-page calendar will be provided to you by the end of this school year.

First, it’s important to note that some changes will occur as a result of new laws by our legislature governing the minimum number of school days required starting this year. The state now mandates that all schools schedule a minimum of 180 days of school along with the previous requirement of 1,098 instructional hours. Most school districts including ours are required to change to this minimum requirement this coming fall but some that have existing contracts with their teachers’ unions will be allowed to wait until those contracts expire before doing so.

The second major difference stems from the fact we are obligated by state law to follow a common county calendar for the Christmas/New Year holiday and spring break. The county decided this year that the traditional Christmas/New Year break would be shortened because of the additional school days most districts have to add to the calendar. By not shortening the break, our school year would extend another week into June when the temperature is often too warm in our classrooms making it difficult to keep the focus on learning. Therefore, instead of the traditional two full weeks at Christmas/New Years (16 days), our break will run from December 23 through January 2 (11 days). School will resume after the break on Tuesday, January 3.

The third major change will be an added number of half (1/2) days of school due to the increase in number of overall school days. There are several reasons why we needed to do this despite knowing it’s not always convenient for parents. The biggest reason was to avoid significant added costs to the district as a result of adding three more school days to our calendar. At a time when Lansing is failing to adequately fund K-12 public schools — ours in particular — we sometimes have to take less-than-desirable steps to keep costs under control so more cuts do not have be made to our classrooms.

So here are some key school-year dates to help you plan ahead (tentative until final approval of the calendar is made by our teachers’ union and the Board of Education; subject to change):

Tuesday, September 6 – School begins (1st trimester)

Friday, October 21 – 1/2 day of school

Monday, October 31 – 1/2 day of school

November 23-25 – Thanksgiving Break (no school)

November 28 and 29 – 1/2 days of school (secondary exams)

Wednesday, November 30 – No school (teacher record and PD day)

Thursday, December 1 – 2nd trimester begins

December 21 and 22 – 1/2 days of school

December 23 through January 2 – Christmas/New Year Break

Tuesday, January 3 – School resumes

Monday, January 16 – M.L. King Jr. Birthday, no school

Friday, February 3 – 1/2 day of school

Monday, February 20 – Washington’s Birthday (celebrated), no school

March 8 and 9 – 1/2 days of school (secondary exams)

Friday, March 10 – No school (teacher record and PD day)

Monday, March 13 – 3rd trimester begins

Friday, March 17 – 1/2 day of school

March 31 through April 7 – Spring Break

Monday, April 10 – School resumes

Thursday, May 25 – 93rd Commencement Exercises for the Class of 2017

Monday, May 29 – Memorial Day, no school

June 12 and 13 – 1/2 days of school (secondary exams)

June 13 – end of school year (subject to change)

List of Early Release Fridays (students released 2 hours early for teacher work sessions): Sep 16, 30, Oct 14, 28, Nov 11, Dec 9, Jan 6, 20, Feb 17, Mar 3, Apr 14, 28, May 12, 26, Jun 9

Please remember that this is a tentative listing of key dates and a final calendar will be sent out and posted here (as well as on our district website) as soon as possible.



About David Britten

Retired U.S. Army Officer, former elementary, middle and high school principal, currently serving as a public school superintendent.
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