Lost your LHS class ring? It may have been found!

UPDATE: Both the 1981 and1992 rings are being reunited with their owners thanks to the many of you who spotted this post on our district Facebook page!

One rarely knows what you’ll find in file drawers, especially since I have used primarily technology and hardly ever looked in the drawers of my office. But as I begin sorting through things as I get ready in just over a month to relinquish my role as superintendent to someone else, I came across two apparently lost Lee High School class rings.

The oldest is from the Class of 1981 and appears to be sized for a girl. It contains the initials “J M B” and there were two such members of that class: Either “Joan Marie Bieber” or “Jeanne M. Bouley.”

The other ring is from the Class of 1992 and is inscribed with the name “Angie Gilland.” An Angela Gilland is not listed in the 1992 yearbook but she does appear as a junior in the 1991 yearbook. From other yearbook info, she may have had a brother named Bob Gilland.

There is a note with the rings but the information on it is not discernible. I would like nothing better than to get both of these in the hands of the rightful owners before my retirement on June 30. If you have any information pertaining to either ring and/or their owners, please contact me at the school district office (616-241-4722) or by email at dbritten@godfrey-lee.org.

About David Britten

Retired U.S. Army Officer, former elementary, middle and high school principal, currently serving as a public school superintendent.
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